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Milwaukee Art Girl Designs

Kim - Meet The Artist_edited.jpg

Kim Cunningham a.k.a. Milwaukee Art Girl is photographer and textile artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As an artist Kim strives to capture beauty in unexpected places. Kim’s passion for urban exploration, abandoned buildings, and forgotten places is the driving force behind her fine art photography. Through her lens, she aims to reveal the hidden beauty of decay and showcase the haunting elegance of forgotten structures. Additionally, her interest in gardening and flowers inspires her to capture the delicate nuances of these natural wonders, creating images that are both bold and delicate.

In addition to photography, Kim also creates hand-embroidered pieces of art that explore abstract and minimalist designs, graphic design-inspired food, women, cats, flowers, people with unique facial expressions, and interesting characters from public domain works. Through her embroidery, she aims to capture the essence of these subjects in a way that is both whimsical and sophisticated, creating works that are both playful and contemplative.

Kim’s goal as an artist is to bring a sense of calm and happiness to my audience. Whether through her photographs or her embroidery, she believes that art has the power to transport us to a different world, allowing us to see the beauty in even the most unexpected places. Kim hopes that her work inspires the viewer to see the world around them with fresh eyes, and to find joy and wonder in the unexpected

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